At Ruby’s Orchard we provide you with a peaceful, relaxing camping experience, close to nature, where most of the hard work is done for you. We have a low-environmental-impact ethos, so use upcycled and recycled materials as much as possible. There’s no mains electricity on site so we use solar /rechargeable lighting, which gives you the chance to see the stars in all their glory – with very little local light-pollution (cloud-cover permitting!)

We also compost everything it’s possible to compost and try to recycle most of what it’s not. Ruby’s Orchard is in an area reclaimed from commercial spruce-planting, with mixed woodland attached.

What is meant by exclusive use?

We mean that when you book to stay, you get the place to yourselves; only your one small camping group will be here at any time. No one lives on-site, but Lynne, the owner will welcome you and visit occasionally to check all is well, to restock, and sometimes to do some gardening etc. You will be given a mobile contact number in case of any problems.

Is Ruby’s Orchard a “Glamping” site?

Well, we prefer to call it Comfortable Camping. We are more about easy camping in surroundings managed for the benefit of wildlife and biodiversity than Glamour of any sort. Our aim is to provide you with private semi-wild camping, and grow some fruit and vegetables here, whilst keeping the orchard and woodland in a wild enough state to maintain the area as a habitat and larder for the wildlife that lives here. So, for example, areas of bramble are kept for cover, nesting and food, for the birds and small mammals that are here. Not all the grass is mown regularly, which allows grasshoppers and butterflies to breed, but paths are mown for you to move around the site. We also keep bees here, in an area away from the tents, and fenced. We are gradually felling spruce trees to provide more possibilities for biodiversity – but leaving some, as birds such as the goldcrests appreciate the insects and cover they provide.

How do you make it easy for me and my fellow campers?

We provide and erect the tents. These are our big Vincent Vango Tent (a Langley 400XL)  sleeping up to 4 people, a large canvas kitchen- tent kitted out with table, chairs and cooking equipment, and as an addition (if you want to bring up to another 4 people) we have Damselfly, which is a Vango Icarus 500 tent. The tents are provided with a mixture of double and single floor mattresses and futon sofa/chair beds.  You just have to bring your sleeping bags or duvet and sheets, and pillows. Throws/blankets and hot-water bottles are provided for extra warmth if the nights are chilly. Solar and battery powered lights are provided in the tents and mark the main camping area, but we recommend you bring headtorches, which make it easier to get about after dark, and to read.

There are compost loos, self-pump camping showers, a barbecue and fire-bowl, seating, and couple of hammocks.