Important Points

Ruby's Orchard Campsite

If you have children in your family/group, it is vital that you realise that due to the nature of Ruby’s Orchard, there are things you need to be aware of; there is a small, shallow but unfenced pond. There is a bee hive in an area away from the tents (fenced), and the bees will not bother you if you do not bother them. Because it is a woodland setting there the usual sticks etc on the ground which can be tripped over if you do not take care! It is not a tidied-up play area, but a semi-wild area. You may encounter wildlife such as insects, amphibians (frogs/newts/ slow-worms), small mammals (bank-voles and wood-mice).

You are responsible for the safety of all children in your group, and by booking you accept that we are not responsible for accidents caused by lack of supervision.

We do not take hen or stag parties.

Sorry, but we do not take dogs.

There is only parking for a maximum of 2-3 vehicles.

Although we are in a very rural area, the countryside is not silent, and is also a working environment of course. There is a rural lane along one edge of the site. At certain times of year (silage/hay/barley harvest for example) there may be fairly frequent tractor activity on this lane. However, there are also long periods with no traffic and we think you will find Ruby’s Orchard very peaceful. The camping area is not right next to the lane and is screened from the lane by trees.

Ruby’s Orchard is intended to be a quiet camp, so please respect this.

Remember there is No electricity on site, so you will need to bring your own solar/car chargers for any devices you wish to use, or take the opportunity to completely chill out – and leave them at home!